Amenities – Enhanced amenities duplicating existing amenities

Following feedback, BRE accepts that it is unreasonable to expect assessors to determine whether a new amenity is significantly different to all existing amenities in the vicinity. Furthermore, the introduction of any new compliant amenity may increase choice in terms of the amenity itself and its location relative to other facilities and transport nodes. It cannot, therefore, be reasonably argued that this cannot meet the aim of this transport measure, in reducing the need for local car journeys.

New (enhanced) amenities may, therefore, be considered on their own merits, without reference to existing amenities.

Approach updated for all assessments 16/09/2021
Previous guidance for reference only:

Where an amenity is already present within the prescribed distance, a new amenity falling under the same category cannot be considered as an enhanced amenity, unless it provides a significantly different offering to the existing one. So, for example, if there was an existing fast food outlet and the development provided a new fast food outlet, this could not be considered, whereas a new grocery store or restaurant may be considered.

Note: This is applicable where the development itself could be considered an enhanced amenity, in line with KBCN0264

Assessors must use their discretion and justify the decision in their assessment report.