Erratum – UK NC2018 LE 05 – criterion 6

Criterion 6 should not have been included in the Planning, liaison, data, monitoring and review management and maintenance credit. Instead it is a requirement of the below credit as follows;

One credit – Landscape and ecology management plan (or similar) development

6. Landscape and ecology management plan, or equivalent, is developed in accordance with BS 42020:2013 Section 11.11 covering as a minimum the first five years after project completion and includes:

6.a: Actions and responsibilities, prior to handover, to give to relevant individuals

6.b: The ecological value and condition of the site over the development life.

6.c: Identification of opportunities for ongoing alignment with activities external to the development project and which supports the aims of BREEAM’s Strategic Ecology Framework

6.d: Identification and guidance to trigger appropriate remedial actions to address previously unforeseen impacts

6.e: Clearly defined and allocated roles and responsibilities.

7. The landscape and management plan or similar is updated as appropriate to support maintenance of the ecological value of the site.

Please follow these criteria instead of what is written in the BREEAM UK NC 2018 Manual