Erratum – up to V6.0.0 – compliant cycle storage


Instead of answer C, criterion 3 should refer to answers D and E.


The criteria references for this issue are incorrect, and will be corrected in the next re-issue.

Checklists and tables

  • Answer D awards 2 credits for achieving the minimum number of cycle storage.
  • Answer E awards 1 additional credit for achieving additional cycle storage.

The headings in Table 20 do not match these answers. Table 20 will be revised with these updated headings:

Home size Answer D
Minimum cycle storage
2 credits
Answer E
Additional cycle storage
+1 additional credit
Studio or 1 bedroom 1 cycle space / 2 homes 1 cycle space / home
2 – 3 bedrooms 1 cycle space / home 2 cycle spaces / home
4+ bedrooms 2 cycle spaces / home 4 cycle spaces / home