Exemplary level credit – Using SABRE

Order of certification

To achieve the BREEAM exemplary credit, the SABRE ‘design stage’ or ‘as-built’ certification (as applicable to the BREEAM assessment stage) must be completed before BREEAM certification.

Please also refer to KBCN1549 – Shell only and Shell and Core assessments – using SABRE

Evidence output

The most appropriate evidence output for this exemplary credit is a SABRE certificate corresponding to the stage of the BREEAM assessment (i.e. ‘design stage’ or ‘post-construction stage’). Providing the certificate demonstrates that the requirements of SABRE have been met and validated, which can mitigate any potential delays to the BREEAM QA process.

SABRE ‘design stage’ certification can be sought at any time during the RIBA design stages, whilst ‘as-built’ certification is sought at handover.

Timing of SABRE assessment

Unlike the ‘Security of site and building’ credit, there is no strict cut-off point by which the SABRE assessment process must commence, however RIBA Stage 2 is recommended as a reasonable time by which to begin working towards SABRE certification.

04 Nov 2022 - Reference to KBCN1549 added