02 Applications – previously approved innovations

A list of all approved applications can be found here.

If an innovation has previously been approved but is not included on the published list, or a similar / identical application has previously been submitted and was unsuccessful then we will alert the applicant to this on receipt of their application. The applicant will be given the option of continuing with their submission or withdrawing it. Should the applicant choose to withdraw their application no fee will be charged for the submission.

A BREEAM credit for a successful Approved Innovation is typically based on a single use for one assessment. Previously approved innovations cannot be awarded on any other projects, except where the new Approved Innovation demonstrates significant improvements over those outlined in the original application, and these improvements could be considered innovative in themselves. In this case the application may still be considered by BRE Global for further review.

In all cases the Approved Innovation application process must be followed in order to robustly demonstrate and confirm additional or renewed innovation status.