Flood resilience – Pre-existing flood defences

In an area protected by existing flood defences, (designed to withstand a certain magnitude of flooding), the appropriate number of flood risk credits can be awarded where the defences reduce the risk to ‘low’ or ‘medium’ and the following conditions are met:

1. The development is not located in an area where new flood defences have to be, or have been, constructed to minimise the risk of flooding to the site and its locality purely for the purpose of the development or its wider master plan.

2.The development is located on previously occupied land (as defined by the criteria in BREEAM issue LE 01 Site selection).

3.The relevant agency confirms that, as a result of such defences, the risk of a flood event occurring is reduced to low or medium risk. If firm confirmation is not provided then the credit cannot be awarded.
A statutory body’s local or regional office may be able to provide more information on existing defences in the area in which the assessed development is located.