Generic, Certified, or Bespoke Green Guide Ratings

When selecting the correct Green Guide Rating to apply to an assessment for credits Mat 01 (Life Cycle Impacts), Mat 02 (Hard Landscaping and Boundary Protection), and Mat 04 (Insulation) the best match could come from the Generic Green Guide Ratings listed on (register your email for free access) or the Manufacturer-specific Certified listings under the Environmental Profiles Scheme on
These listings are organised by building type (typical use) and by element type (each modelled to a standard Functional Unit – FU).

If the product or material to be assessed is similar to an existing Manufacturer-specific rating, then the applicable result can be applied to the current assessment, as long as it is clearly marked as a ‘proxy’.

Where no suitable match can be found, all structural bespoke elements are to be modelled within the Green Guide Calculator Online Tool, accessible through the Generic Green Guide listings website, using the same login details as the BREEAM Extranet (as the service is only available for registered Assessors).  The 4 element types for which the Calculator cannot generate Ratings – Floor Finishes, Landscaping, Windows, and Insulation – a Proforma must be filled out and submitted for a separate calculation.

Apply the most suitable match from all of the listings available, unless a radically different construction is required to be modelled; for which a bespoke Green Guide Rating may be calculated.