GN11 Considerate construction scheme administrator guidance

GN11 Organisational, local or national considerate construction scheme requirements: guidance for scheme administrators

The purpose of this guidance note is to provide guidance for considerate construction scheme administrators/operators, against which they can determine whether their scheme is potentially eligible for recognition in BREEAM as a ‘compliant scheme’ and therefore whether performance, as assessed/rated by that scheme, is appropriate for the purpose of awarding BREEAM credits. Where the administrator has reviewed their scheme against the requirements below and wishes to have the schemed listed in BREEAM as a ‘compliant scheme’, they should contact the BREEAM office at BRE Global, providing the following information:
1. A description of the scheme’s operation, including how it monitors and verifies compliance and to what standards it or its assessors are accredited
2. The scheme’s code of practice
3. How the scheme scores/rates contractor and site performance against that code of practice
4. If relevant, the number of projects that have used the scheme and the average score/level of performance achieved.
BRE Global will then inform the scheme operator of the next steps in the review and listing process.

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