Emissions from products – Guidance Note 22 (GN22)

Latest version: v2.7, January 2023

Within the Health and Wellbeing category of several BREEAM schemes, credits are awarded for specifying materials that minimise emissions from building products of formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The criteria involve meeting emission level performance requirements in accordance with compliant performance and testing standards.

Guidance Note 22 (GN22) lists schemes that show equivalent or better performance than the current BREEAM and HQM criteria, and therefore can be used to demonstrate compliance with the criteria. This document should be read in conjunction with the relevant assessment issue guidance provided in the appropriate BREEAM or HQM technical manual.

The guidance note contains two tables:

  • Table 1 is for use with BREEAM schemes that were first released before December 2015.
  • Table 2 is for use with BREEAM (and HQM) schemes that were first released from December 2015 onwards (post-November 2015).

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31-Jan-2023 - Updated for release of GN22 2.7 
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