GN31 BREEAM UK Non-Domestic Refurbishment and Fit-out 2014 scheme assessment timeline

The assessment timeline has been produced to assist with optimising project sustainability performance. It outlines at which RIBA stage credits should be addressed and ideally when these should be considered by the design team, planner, contractors, owners/occupiers and other members of the project team to achieve the highest possible BREEAM rating at the minimum cost. It demonstrates that where BREEAM advice is taken on too late within the design and construction phases a number of BREEAM credits may not be achieved.

Due to the nature of Refurbishment and Fit-Out works, some projects may have short timescales and considerable overlap between stages. This can mean that some actions will have to be completed at a later RIBA stage than indicated in this document. However, it is important to consider that early decisions can create opportunities and barriers that impact on the ability of project teams to meet BREEAM requirements at a later stage in the project by limiting design and/or specification choices. This may apply to a number of issues in the assessment timeline below. The use of a yellow/ orange colour grading in this document is intended to indicate the ‘ideal time’ for assessors to complete evidence.

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