GN45 – BREEAM Pre-Approval Process

Assessments carried out in accordance with BREEAM schemes rely on evidence to demonstrate compliance with the relevant assessment criteria. This evidence usually relates only to a specific development (e.g. an individual new building or refurbishment project) because key aspects of the design, materials specification, building services and construction process are unique to that development. BRE Global
evaluation of the assessment is conducted at the end of the process through the Quality Assurance audit. However, where multiple buildings share standard design elements or specifications, BRE Global can evaluate a partial assessment based upon a standard set of evidence. This evaluation is referred to as a ‘Pre-Approval’.
Pre-Approval provides efficiencies in the assessment process and greater assurance of the final scores and ratings that are achievable across multiple developments using standard evidence. It is important to note that a Pre-Approval does not replace individual building-level assessments or the BRE Global Quality Assurance audit. Instead, it contributes to the design stage evidence requirements for individual assessments.

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