Green walls – recognition of ecological value

Green walls cannot be considered compliant for the, ‘Minimising impact on site ecology’ Issue due to concerns over high maintenance requirements, whereby the plants are not self-supporting and cannot, therefore, be considered as a sustainable solution in themselves or in mitigating the impact of the loss of ground-based planting.

In terms of ‘Enhancing site ecology’, however, where a specific green wall system and species mix are supported by the SQE’s recommendations and there is evidence that a comprehensive on-going maintenance strategy will be in place, this can be recognised.

In such cases, a separate calculator tool may be completed for this Issue to demonstrate the species richness of the site, including the contribution of the green wall.

The following methodology may be used:

  • Make a copy of your completed calculator tool for LE 03 to create a separate LE 04 calculator.
  • Add the species numbers from the green wall to the total species for the site, keeping the site area the same.
  • Use the resulting increase in species richness as evidence to award the relevant credit for LE 04.
30/11/17 Guidance on methodology added