ILP Guidance Note 1 updated

Pol 04 references the ILP Guidance notes for the reduction of obtrusive light 2011.

This has now been updated to the ILP Guidance note 1 for the reduction of obtrusive light 2021.

This is available for free from the ILP website.


Table 2 of the guidance note classifies different lighting environments into Zones E0 to E4. Use this table to define which sets of requirements apply to the assessment.

Tables 3-8 of the guidance note define the requirements for criterion 2.

For cut-off type luminaires which (by design) block out light in obstructive directions, calculations are not required for meeting requirements relating to:

  • Vertical illuminance (Table 3), and
  • Luminous intensity (Table 4).

This update will be reflected in the future revisions of the relevant manuals.

02-Nov-2021 Applicability to all UK BREEAM schemes confirmed.
27-Sep-2023 Updated for ILP Guidance Note 1 2021. Requirements clarified. Scheme applicability updated.