Knowledge Base – Applicability of UK NC 2018 KBCNs to UK NC V6

The assessment issues and criteria in BREEAM UK NC V6 are the same as BREEAM UK NC 2018 except for specific changes in:

  • Ene 01 Reduction of energy use and carbon emissions
  • Hea 02 Indoor air quality

The changes in Hea 02 do not affect the applicability of any current UK NC 2018 KBCNs

All UK NC 2018 KBCNs for assessment issues other than Ene 01 are, therefore, applicable to UK NC V6.

For Ene 01 we have reviewed and, where necessary, amended relevant KBCNs for UK NC V6. We are also taking the opportunity to update some of these for UK NC 2018.


Please also refer to the summary of changes for NC V6, provided in KBCN1530.

26/08/2022 Updated following review, to clarify that all current NC2018 Hea 02 KBCNs are applicable to UK NC V6.