LCA submission stage – Applications for planning consent

An application for planning consent can fix aspects of the design very significantly, depending on the information included. The opportunity for building LCA to guide the design towards lower environmental impacts reduces as a consequence. More credits are, therefore, available for a building LCA submission at ‘concept design’ stage (which must be made before an application for planning consent has been submitted that includes information on external products or materials).

Concept Design Stage Mat 01 submissions
Two factors determine whether a Mat 01 concept design submission is valid: –

• The local authority planning and building control status
• The stage of the project

The table (link below) shows whether a Mat 01 concept design submission is valid according to the status of these two factors.
If a Mat 01 concept design submission has already been made but is now out of date (e.g. due to a change to the client’s brief or planning being refused) it becomes invalid. To achieve the concept design credits, an up-to-date re-submission must be made.

IMPORTANT: This KBCN shall be read in conjunction with KBCN1147 ‘LCA submission stage – ‘Concept design’ and ‘Technical design’’
NOTE: ‘Technical Design’ stage Mat 01 submissions are not affected by the planning status.
NOTE: According to the RIBA Plan of Work, “Planning applications are typically made using the Stage 3 [Developed Design] output”.

KBCN1148 Table

Exceptions (added 18.11.2020)

In circumstances where it is illogical to make the submission to BRE prior to planning consent, it may be appropriate for the assessor to take a view and/or seek guidance on the timing of the Mat 01 submission. This is envisaged in cases where buildings are ‘up-scheming’ (i.e. moving from UK NC 2014 to UK NC 2018, for example) or where a building was granted planning consent prior to the launch of UK NC 2018.

In these circumstances, it must be demonstrated that there would be no value lost in an adjusted application of LCA or post-planning approval submission (one example would be if an independent review has supported the case, such as a technical design panel and/or other third party).

A later submission would be accepted by the BRE where sites are located in a conservation area and/or have other designated status, such that the timing of a planning application would not significantly limit early design options; where aspects such as height, shape/massing, style, external materials are constrained. Assessors will need to quote this KBCN entry and submit evidence in support of their claim, including planning submission reference number(s) and the specific impacts on the building form of any constraints and designations.

There may be other examples where the assessor believes this approach is appropriate. In such cases, the assessor should submit a technical query outlining why the project is unable to submit Mat 01 prior to planning AND how it is able to evidence that no LCA value would be lost in a later submission. Please ensure that the supporting information (evidence) accompanies the query to enable an expedient determination.

18.11.2020 'Exceptions' paragraph added
05/10.03.2020 Updated for clarity and Table added
21.11.2019 Wording clarified