Calculating EPR where multiple EPCs are required

Where more than one BRUKL/EPC is produced for a development, which is registered as a single assessment, an area-weighted average should be used to calculate the number of credits to be awarded. This does not apply where the ‘similar buildings’ approach is used.

The BRUKL.inp. files should be entered into the S&R tool (or for UK NC2011, uploaded to the Compliance Checker) and the three EPRs produced by the compliance checker, which must then be area-weighted to produce an average EPR for each metric. When applying this method, please include your area-weighting calculations and outputs as supporting evidence.

06/07/2023 - Applicability to UK RFO 2014 removed, as this methodology does not apply. For RFO 2014, a single, whole building EPC must be generated.
31/10/2018 wording clarified to apply to all relevant schemes.