Emissions from products – scope of assessment


This issue covers any product installed or applied inside the inner surface of the building’s infiltration, vapour or waterproof membrane.

Where this membrane is not present, it applies to the inside of the building envelope’s interior-facing thermal insulation layer.

Only products that are installed or applied in parts of the building where their emissions are likely to affect indoor air quality need to be assessed.

Paints and coatings

Any decorative paints and varnishes that occupants are exposed to should be assessed.

This is likely to include paints and coatings applied to walls, ceilings, floors, doors, etc.

Whole products

A finish applied to a product in the factory is assessed as a whole product, and not separately as a paint or coating.

For instance, a wood panel has a finish applied in the factory. The whole panel, including all the elements that make up that panel, would need to comply with the requirements set for wood panel products in this issue.

The finished product as a whole must meet the performance requirements / emission limits set in the manual.

11-Oct-2022 - Title amended for clarity and consistency. Content merged with KBCN0871.
10-Oct-2022 - Wording simplified. Scheme applicability updated.
16-Jun-2017 - Title and general principle amended to extend the applicability of the KBCN to all finishes. Paints specified for specialist applications covered in KBCN0872.