Occupant control – spaces requiring user controls

This guidance is intended to clarify the types of area for which user controls are required or would be considered beneficial.

Zoning is required in all areas of the asset where specified in the assessment criteria. Please refer to the specific requirements of the applicable BREEAM standard to interpret this guidance appropriately.

User controls required

Spaces where users are expected to have independent control over their environment.

  • Owned spaces: small rooms for a few people.
    For instance, cellular offices, owned spaces in residential assets.
  • Temporarily owned spaces: where occupants expect to operate the environmental controls while they are there.
    For instance, meeting rooms and hotel bedrooms.
  • Shared spaces.
    For instance, multi-occupied areas such as open-plan offices or workshops.

User controls not required

Spaces where users are not expected to have independent control over their environment.

  • Managed spaces: where environmental control is expected to be centrally managed.
    For instance, atria, circulation areas, concourses, entrance halls, function halls, restaurants, libraries, and shops.
  • Occasionally visited spaces.
    For instance, storerooms, bookstacks in libraries, aisles of warehouses, toilets.
14-Dec-2022 - KBCN applicability updated to include BIU. Wording clarified, and amended for compatibility with BIU criteria.