Pre-demolition audit requirement

Where the site demolition/clearance does not form part of the principal contractor’s works, but has been undertaken by the developer for the purposes of enabling the assessed development, a pre-demolition audit must be carried out and referenced within the SWMP as per the guidance.

Where justification and robust evidence can be provided, the following exceptions may apply:

  • Where it can be demonstrated that demolition/clearance was carried out prior to the developer acquiring the site and no pre-demolition audit is available.
  • Where the demolition was expedited for health and safety reasons.
  • Where the demolition has been carried out by the same developer, but as part of a significantly earlier site clearance, occurring prior to RIBA stage 0 and no less than 12 months ahead of the requirement being set to carry out a BREEAM assessment. In such cases it must be clearly demonstrated that the demolition was unrelated to the current re-development.

This requirement seeks to encourage good practice by developers and design teams in relation to previously developed sites.

28.03.2022 Reference to pre-refurbishment audit removed, and separate KBCN1504 drafted for pre-refurbishment audit exemptions.
11.12.2019 Additional exception added to align with KBCN1257 and guidance re-structured for clarity
22.11.2017 Reference added to the pre-refurbishment audit for RFO assessments.
15.11.2017 Wording amended for clarity