FSC Controlled Wood

The FSC Controlled Wood label minimises the risk that wood comes from illegal or controversial sources, however it does not eliminate this risk.

Therefore, products which are:

  • Labelled as FSC Controlled Wood or,
  • Where the majority of material in a product is comprised of FSC Controlled Wood,

Do not meet the BREEAM definition of responsibly sourced.
Where FSC Mix labelled products contain FSC Controlled Wood, see KBCN00091.

This means that any such products:

  • In HQM, and in BREEAM NC 2016 or older schemes: do not meet the prerequisite for legally harvested and traded timber.
  • In BREEAM NC 2018 or newer schemes: do not meet the prerequisite for legal and sustainable timber.
  • In all schemes: cannot be used to demonstrate responsible sourcing.
14-Mar-2024 - Wording clarified and expanded. Relevant prerequisites and requirements clarified. Scheme applicability updated.