Thermographic survey – Seasonal constraints

Where seasonal constraints prevent the thermographic survey from being completed prior to certification at the post construction stage, the requirements can be satisfied with:

  • Evidence that a Suitably Qualified Professional (SQP) has been contractually appointed
  • Written confirmation by the SQP that the seasonal constraints prevent the survey at an appropriate time before certification
  • The survey is scheduled to take place at the earliest opportunity after the handover, and
  • There is a specific contractual agreement in place to remedy any identified defects before the defects liability period expires.

Thermographic surveys are designed to map the thermal efficiency of buildings and to detect areas where there are breaches in the thermal envelope. Surveys need to be conducted when temperature differences between the external areas of the building and surrounding air can be detected after the envelope is sealed. There may will be instances where the survey cannot be done before certification after the envelope is sealed and as such, the survey would take place after certification.