Non-specific levels of performance within local legislation

In areas where the local legislation does not specifically outline the exact requirements related to inclusivity of access, it is often difficult for asset owners to demonstrate how they exceed the legal requirements. Therefore these assets can demonstrate compliance by providing evidence that the asset meets all of the following:

The asset has features within which ensure that persons which are less able-bodied, are able to utilise the same facilities as all other building users. These include:

  • Access to the asset entrance
  • Horizontal and vertical (where relevant) circulation within the asset (this should be considered for normal operation, as well as emergency evacuation situations)
  • Appropriate use of building functions
  • Appropriate use of building controls (specification of suitable controls, switches etc.)
  • Sanitary accommodation, including toilets, showers, changing facilities etc.

Alongside this, the Assessor must provide confirmation of the exact legislation which is applicable to the asset, and provide a short statement outlining the requirements within it.