Number of compliant cycle storage spaces

According to BREEAM New Construction Guidance, for sites where at least 50% of the available BREEAM credits for Public transport accessibility (Tra 01) have been awarded, the provision of the number of compliant cycle spaces required in Cyclist Facilities issue (Tra 03) can be reduced by 50%.

However, this reduction cannot be applied to BREEAM Communities assessments for Cyclist Facilities issue (TM 05). This is firstly to ensure comparability amongst different Communities projects, namely the ones certified prior to the release of the new BREEAM New Construction Manual. Moreover, to allow for the sequential order of BREEAM schemes which is to comply with BREEAM Communities requirements first as they will help achieve BREEAM New Construction criteria.

Less cycle spaces can be designed and built at building level assessment, provided that robust evidence can demonstrate the number of cycle storage spaces committed to provide at Masteplanning stage is more than required by individual buildings.