Part new-build, part refurbishment projects – Updated guidance

As announced in July 2015 Process Note and in line with the New Construction technical manual, a simpler method of assessing small, part new-build, part refurbishment projects is now available, as per follows:

For developments that are a mix of new-build and refurbishment of existing spaces, the choice of scheme selection and application is determined according to the scope of the new-build and refurbishment works.

For smaller projects, where the total development area is less than 1000m², a single BREEAM assessment can be undertaken to cover both the new-build and refurbished areas. The choice of BREEAM New Construction or BREEAM Refurbishment and Fit-out scheme should be based on whichever (new-build or refurbishment) constitutes the majority of the assessed floor area.

For larger projects, a single New Construction assessment can be undertaken, though the refurbished areas have to comply with assessment criteria designed for new builds, which can be more challenging in some instances.

The option to carry out two separate assessments, or a single combined bespoke assessment remains, but it is recognised that these options may be overly onerous for smaller projects.

05/10/2018 Technical manual to be update accordingly in the next re-issue.