Post occupancy evaluation sampling

Where a post occupancy evaluation (POE) is being carried out for multiple units, not every dwelling needs to be directly monitored, in order to pursue credits, as long as they are significantly represented as part of the study.

The following points can be used as guidance to help determine if a POE  is suitable:

  • Credits can only be pursued for homes where occupant feedback is being requested from that specific home.
  • It should be demonstrated that there is a clear, thought through approach being taken, including the reasons why any monitoring is taking place, what the aim of the study is and how the results will be used to contribute to future learning.
  • Clear justifications should be given for the chosen sampling approach, including quantity and type of homes being included, relative to the aim of the study.
  • For POE methods other than occupant satisfaction feedback, credits can be pursued for homes that are significantly represented by comparable dwellings in the sample. For example, where a reasonable number of homes of the same house type and on the same site, are part of the monitoring sample.
  • Determining an appropriate POE method will also be informed by the appropriately qualified professional’s judgement and the licensed assessor’s discretion, to ensure the purpose of this issue is being met. i.e. to evaluate performance in-use and contribute to future learning to help reduce the performance gap.

If it is unclear if a specific POE method complies with the criteria and the above guidance, please send specific details of the POE approach, to the technical team for consideration.