Pre-refurbishment audit – definition of ‘competent person’

For the purposes of Wst 01, criterion 1b, a β€˜competent person’ for the pre-refurbishment audit is someone who has knowledge of the value and condition of materials and what can or cannot be repaired. Although the β€˜relevant definition’ is missing, it is effectively provided later in the sentence as someone who β€˜has appropriate knowledge of buildings, waste and options for the reuse and recycling of different waste streams.’ A demolition contractor would be ideal for the role, but could also be the main contractor. To clarify, the ‘competent person’ does not have to be independent of the project.

11/09/2017 - Clarification on the removal of the independence requirement added.
This takes precedence over the technical manual, which will
be updated accordingly in next re-issue.