Quality Assurance (QA) Failure Charge

In certain circumstances BRE Global will charge a fee for assessment failure (as per FS036). This is to encourage the submission of assessments to the required quality, avoid misuse of the QA process and ensure efficient use of QA auditors’ time (and therefore avoid delays in auditing other licensed assessors’ assessments).

The assessment failure charge applies to the following circumstances:

  • Where a significant number of non-conformances are identified
  • The non-conformances indicate a fundamental misunderstanding by the assessor of how to apply and comply with the scheme – we reserve the right to conduct an audit of additional parts of the assessment where non-conformances are indicative of systematic misinterpretation of the scheme by the assessor
  • The assessor submits supporting evidence beyond the ten working day deadline

Where an assessment failure has been identified, a report is issued to the assessor identifying the relevant corrective actions he/she needs to take before re-submitting the assessment. The assessment failure fee will be charged to the licensed organisation by BRE Global.