Refinement of terminology – BREEAM Advisory Professionals (APs)

In 2018, BREEAM terminology transitioned from “Accredited Professionals” to “Advisory Professionals”, with the acronym AP maintained (see KBCN1159).

The Advisory Professional program has expanded to included two distinct designations:  Design + Site which covers our standards focused on the design and construction phases of a project and Operations which focuses on the in-use/operational phase of the building lifecycle.

In our New Construction and RFO standards, where the basic term “BREEAM Advisory Professional” is used without a specific designation, this refers to those with a BREEAM Advisory Professional (AP) Design + Site credential only. Those with an AP Operations credential only do not comply.

The AP Operations credential is currently only available to individuals who are based in either the US or China.

The terms “Accredited Professional” and “Sustainability Champion” are a legacy of language previously used within our manuals and that these credentials/terms are no longer recognised within the BREEAM Schemes.