Reporting information from SMARTWaste

The majority of the information required for Wst 01 issue can be collected and reported in SMARTWaste, even though BREEAM UK RFO 2014 is not listed as an option for projects in SMARTWaste.
The only item that isn’t covered is the methodology for calculating credits for reuse and direct recycling of materials (criteria 3 and 4). In addition to that, any calculations of credits shown for criteria 6 and 7 will not be correct for BREEAM UK RFO 2014. In that case, the credits should be awarded based on the information within the UKRFO technical manual.
With regard to the evidence for BREEAM, assessors can use the information collected and reported in SMARTWaste if pdfs and reports provide this information.
BREEAM UK RFO 2014 is included in the SMARTWaste development plan and further information will be provided in due course.