Responsible construction practices – Demolition or strip-out

Demolition or strip-out undertaken by a previous site owner or by the current owner, as part of a significantly earlier site clearance
  • Where it can be demonstrated that demolition was unconnected to the current development, the requirements of Man 03 do not apply to the demolition phase. This would typically be where demolition was undertaken prior to RIBA stage 0.
  • Exceptions may also be considered where the demolition was expedited for health and safety reasons. In such cases, this should be fully justified and evidenced.
 Demolition or strip-out undertaken by the current developer to enable the assessed development
  • This must be included in the scope of the Man 03 issue. The site should be managed responsibly at all stages. The risks inherent in demolition and strip-out are as significant as during construction.
  • This is indicated in the following guidance in the technical manual:
    • The wording of Criteria 2-4
    • Methodology: ‘Scope of the responsible construction management’
    • Definitions: ‘Construction process’
  • Demolition undertaken by a separate demolition contractor, prior to the principal contractor taking possession of the site
  • All criteria are applicable.1 The demolition contractor is responsible for compliance.
  • Where a BREEAM AP has not yet been appointed, Criterion 6 does not apply.


  •  Demolition undertaken by the principal contractor or by others when the principal contractor has control of the site
  • All criteria are applicable.1 Responsibility is criteria-dependent.

1 Project scale

For smaller contractors/projects, for ‘Monitoring of construction site impacts’ and ‘Environmental management’, it may be acceptable to demonstrate that the intent of the criteria has been met for this stage of works, as far as possible. This should be proportionate to the scale and risks associated with the demolition or strip-out. In such cases, the approach should be fully justified and evidenced.

12 Jan 2022 Wording and title updated to clarify the intent.