Responsible sourcing – Apportioning areas within a building

Where there are common elements between the various areas within a building, for example where multiple assessments are conducted for different parts of a building, or where one area of a building is under assessment and others are not, an apportioned approach can be taken to Mat 03. 

For products following Route 2, an allocation process can be considered acceptable. An explanation of the allocation process used should be provided and the following guidance applies; 

Common elements (e.g. roof, foundations, external walls etc) – apportion a percentage of the total impact of the element to each assessment based on their percentage share of the GIFA (e.g. if an assessment accounts for 10% of the total GIFA, 10% of the element’s impact is apportioned to that assessment) 

Elements that are only in a given assessment (e.g. internal partitions, internal finishes etc.)- 100% of the impact is allocated to the assessment they are in. 

Route 1 products do not take in to account quantities so, if they are common element, they will still need to be included in the assessment.