Robust Details – Testing requirements

For self-contained dwellings, which form part of a Multi-residential assessment, compliance can be demonstrated where the use of constructions for all relevant building elements have been registered with and assessed and approved by Robust Details Limited (RDL) and found to achieve the performance standards required for the number of credits sought.

Robust Details (RDs) are construction solutions that provide an alternative to pre-completion sound insulation testing as a method of complying with Requirements E1 of Approved Document E (2003 Edition) of the Building Regulations (England and Wales), DOE Technical Booklet G – Sound 2012 (Northern Ireland) and Technical Handbook Section 5 – Noise, 2013 (Scotland). The relevant plots on a development must be registered with RDL and built in accordance with the RD specification. To give a reasonable level of assurance that these details will achieve the required minimum standards, RDL carry out random inspections during construction and random sound insulation tests after construction. A Robust Detail is deemed to be approved for BREEAM (Multi-residential building) credits only when it achieves a specified performance level as assessed by RDL. Robust Details can only be used in relation to assessment for new build dwellings and cannot be used to assess the performance of construction details in rooms for residential purposes or material change of use.