Role of the SQE in planning and measures on-site

The main role of the Suitably Qualified Ecologist for ‘planning and measures on-site’ is to make recommendations in their Preliminary Ecological Appraisal. It is important that these are incorporated into the project’s scheduling, management and resources and that ultimately, they are implemented in practice. The person coordinating this does not need to be the SQE, as long as this individual has the appropriate level of authority to take the relevant actions and the methodology is followed. At post-construction stage, evidence needs to demonstrate these measures are implemented in practice, through site visits and appropriate evidence. In some cases, the SQE may need to be involved themselves in checking their recommendations are implemented for certain measures, if they consider this is required. However, if this is required, it would be up to the SQE to confirm in their Preliminary Ecological Appraisal.