Scope of refurbishment varies: RFO Parts 1-4

Where the scope varies within a refurbishment project to the extent that the same RFO Parts are not universally applicable, the assessor should advise the project team of the following available options and register the assessment accordingly:

1. Undertake separate RFO assessments, according to the applicable RFO Parts for each area.

2. Undertake a single assessment based on the RFO Parts that are common to all areas.


A project where the common areas are fully refurbished and fitted-out under Parts 1-4, and tenants’ areas are subject to Parts 1-3, but not a Part 4 fit-out:

  • Option 1 would require a Parts 1-4 assessment of the common areas and a separate Parts 1-3 assessment of the tenants’ areas.
  • Option 2 would allow a single assessment, but the fit-out of the common areas would be excluded, resulting in one assessment of all areas against Parts 1-3.