Secure Government sites – Security criteria

Government security procedures, such as those for MoD sites, may take precedence in dealing with security risk. Therefore, the security criteria under which this issue is assessed may not be fully appropriate.

However, BREEAM requires that a Suitably Qualified Security Specialist (SQSS) or the relevant Government department’s security consultant undertake a risk-based security needs assessment during or prior to the Concept Design stage. The final design must embody the recommendations of the security consultant.

Evidence requirements

Where it is confirmed that, due to security issues, the assessor cannot provide complete evidence of the security assessment and implementation of the recommended measures, the following can be accepted:

A written statement or report from the SQSS confirming:

  • Justification of why the evidence requirements cannot be met
  • Details confirming their status as SQSS for the project
  • Dates of their consultations and inspections
  • Confirmation that all the recommended security measures have been implemented