Shell & core options where tenants become known before final certification

In such situations the route to demonstrating compliance may change from that at design stage certification. The following approaches to some possible scenarios should be followed:

  1. Where tenants become known and a Green Building Guide (Option 2) is supported by the tenants’ own compliant fit-out specification, full credits can be awarded on the basis of Option 3.
  2. Where tenants become known and the developer has fulfilled their obligation in producing a compliant Green Building Guide (Option 2) at the appropriate time and provided this to the prospective tenant, half credits can be awarded regardless of whether the tenant follows the guide.
  3. If the tenants become known and a Green Lease Agreement (Option 1) will not be signed and complied with in full, the GLA is no longer valid. Where relevant, a revised GLA document must be produced, signed and enforced for credits to be awarded.
    No recognition can be given for any Issues in the original GLA which will not be complied with as the superseded GLA cannot be retrospectively considered as a Green Building Guide.