Submitting a PCR using excel scoring and reporting tool

When completing a post construction review (PCR) of a certified design stage assessment it is not necessary to submit a new assessment registration. PCRs are a review assessment of a certified design stage and therefore do not require a new assessment registration. Do not register PCRs through the online registration system.

For assessments where the Post Construction Review of a certified Design Stage is completed using the excel scoring and reporting tool or a PCR reporting template, nothing is required prior to submission. On submission of the PCR the assessor should provide the certified design stage reference on the report, clearly stating that it is a PCR of the certified design stage. The QA team will add the PCR to the system, assign a new reference number and link it to the original design stage.

Please see other compliance note regarding the process of submitting PCRs under schemes that use BREEAM Projects online reporting tool.