Summary of changes – BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contracts Version 6

BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contracts Version 6 was released on 12 October 2022. It replaces the previous scheme for the assessment of term contracts, CEEQUAL Term Contracts Version 5.2.

The update aligns the scheme with BREEAM Infrastructure Projects Version 6 (formerly CEEQUAL Projects Version 6), bringing the changes introduced to project assessments in 2019:

  • New or updated technical requirements for:
    • Carbon management – new issue on managing and reducing whole life carbon emissions using the approach described in PAS 2080.
    • Circular economy – new requirements on considering and implementing alternative procurement options or circular economy business models.
    • Resilience – new requirements added around risk assessment and mitigation.
    • Biodiversity – new metric-based approach.
    • Ethical labour – new issue on ‘Staff and supply chain social governance’.
    • Protection of vulnerable road users – new criteria to improve safety and reduce risks for vulnerable road users.
  • New ‘Outstanding’ rating level and introduction of minimum standards (for the ‘Outstanding’ rating level). The rating levels for ‘Pass’ and ‘Good’ have also been increased to align with other BREEAM schemes.
  • Introduction of innovation category and credits – it is now possible to apply for approved innovation credits using the same process available in other BREEAM schemes.
  • Format and terminology are now more aligned with other BREEAM schemes.

The latest version of Term Contracts also incorporates additional improvements to the operation of the scheme:

  • Single manual for assessing all types of work. There were previously two separate technical manuals for CEEQUAL Term Contracts Version 5 (‘Construction of small or repetitive works’ and ‘Maintenance’). There is now one technical manual covering all types of work and the contract team have more choice in deciding what requirements are within the scope of the work types being assessed as part of the contract.
  • More flexibility in assigning criteria between contract management and activity delivery. Question scores were previously associated with either ‘Contract management’ or ‘Activity delivery’. The contract team now has flexibility to choose where individual requirements are scored.
  • Simpler fee structure. The fees are based on the contract value of the works being undertaken within the assessment cycle. They are raised one month prior to the commencement of each assessment cycle until the last assessment cycle of the contract. Verification fees are charged one month prior to each assessment cycle verification and are calculated on the number of work types.

The scheme is available for use both internationally and in the UK and Ireland.

View the technical manuals

Train to become a Term Contracts Assessor

Existing V6 Project Assessors can complete an online top-up training course to qualify as BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contract Assessors.

For new assessors, there is a two-day BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contracts Assessor course.

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To find out more about using Term Contracts, visit the BREEAM webpages or contact us at [email protected].