Sustainable Transport Measures – Option 2 – Phased developments

In the case of a phased development where new transport services will be provided, but at a later stage than completion of the assessed building, these can be considered where:

A commitment has been made to provide the transport services within the shortest of the following periods and this is demonstrated within the General Contract Specification or in the form of a Section 106 Agreement:

  1. The transport services will be available for use by the time 25% of all phases have been completed and are ready for occupation.


  1. The transport services will be available for use within 25% of the total build time for the phase in which the assessed building forms a part, measured from the completion date of that phase.

Where the transport services will not be available for use within a period of five years from occupation of the assessed building, they cannot be considered for compliance with the BREEAM criteria.