Sustainable transport measures – Shell only and shell & core assessments

Assessment option 3 “Public transport information system”

Shell only and shell & core assessments may be unable to demonstrate compliance with this Transport option.

Points must be achieved through demonstrating compliance with the numerous alternative options available under this issue.

For assessments of this type, the options for demonstrating compliance with certain criteria may be limited.

Assessment option 4 “Electric Vehicle recharging stations”

For shell only and shell & core assessments it is permissible to demonstrate compliance through provision of all necessary infrastructure required for future installation of compliant electric recharging stations.

BREEAM recognises that full installation of recharging terminals may be outside the scope of shell only and shell & core stages.

Assessment option 5 “Car Sharing”

For speculative shell only and shell & core assessments, measures 5.7 and 5.8 might not be achievable. Where this is demonstrated and justified, the one point available for this option can be achieved through compliance with measures 5.9 & 5.10 only.

Where the building occupier is not known, project teams are unable to influence the implementation phase of a car sharing scheme.