Systems serving <10% overall floor area - other affected issues

The methodology for Ene 01 states: “Heating / cooling systems can be excluded from the calculation where the heated or cooled area equates to less than 10% of overall floor area.”

Systems which heat or cool < 10% overall floor area are not assessed in:

  • Ene 01 Building services.
  • Ene 05 Cooling.
  • Ene 06 Heating.

Ene 01, 05 and 06 all feed into the asset energy calculator and so their inputs must be consistent. All other issues relating to these excluded systems are still assessed such as:

  • Ene 11 Installed controls.
  • Ene 15 and 16 Monitoring energy issues.
  • Pol 03 Local air quality.
  • Pol 04 Global warming potential of refrigerants.