Tenant fit-out of asset prior to PCR, where DS compliance is based on Option 2

If a tenant begins the fit-out in line with the Green Building Guide before the post-construction report submission, the assessor can award full credits for criteria met  based on ‘Option 3 Developer/Tenant Collaboration’. The assessor would need to collect evidence of the fit-out as normal for a post-construction assessment or review.

If a tenant chooses not to follow the Green Building Guide provided to them, the assessor can still award half credits in accordance with Option 2. In order to provide transparency to future occupants of the building, the assessor’s post construction report must record where the tenants have chosen not to follow the Green Building Guide.

While it is recognised that the tenant is not following the Green Building Guide, the developer has fulfilled their obligations in providing the necessary documentation for the Shell and Core assessment and has influenced the tenants' decisions as far as possible.
05/04/2018 Wording clarified