Testing laboratory certification

Where an organisation used for sampling and analysis of indoor air or for analysis of emissions from building products is not accredited to ISO / IEC 17025, the organisation must be accredited either by a national accreditation body, or by a member of any one of the following accreditation groups:

European Cooperation for Accreditation

International Accreditation Forum

International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation

The accreditation must specifically covering sampling and analysis of indoor air or analysis of emissions from building products.

For indoor air sampling, alternative qualifications/accreditation to ISO 17025 (or the listed accreditations) could be considered compliant where this demonstrates that the organisation/individual performing the sampling has a suitable level of competence and experience. Any alternative qualifications will need to be reviewed through a technical query.

07/05/2021: Added clarification regarding alternative qualifications
10/05/2021: Updated scheme applicability