Accreditation – sampling and testing laboratories

Analysis / testing laboratory

NC 2016 or newer: Where an organisation used for the analysis of indoor air or emissions from building products is not accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, the organisation must be accredited, either by a national accreditation body, or by a member of any one of the following accreditation groups:

European Cooperation for Accreditation

International Accreditation Forum

International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation

The accreditation must specifically cover the analysis of indoor air or emissions from building products.

Other schemes: Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 is not required in the criteria. However, this KBCN has been applied to encourage a consistent approach towards accreditation.

Accreditation by a national or internationally recognised organisation helps to ensure rigorous, consistent and reliable testing results.

Sampling organisation

If another organisation carries out sampling on behalf of the analysis / testing laboratory, this organisation does not need to be accredited to the above. However, they must provide a brief report justifying:

  • The sampling methodology used.
  • Appropriate environmental conditions during the sampling.
  • The number and location of samples taken.

This report is provided to the BREEAM assessor and submitted as supporting evidence for this issue.

31-Oct-2022 Wording clarified. Scheme applicability updated.
10-Oct-2022 Title amended for clarity. Scheme applicability updated.
24-May-2022 Updated to differentiate between sampling and analysis requirements. 
07-May-2021 Added clarification regarding alternative qualifications. 
10-May-2021 Updated scheme applicability.