Healthcare: The NHS & BREEAM

The Department of Health supports the Government’s commitment to the sustainable development agenda and recognises the importance of delivering on this agenda through the design and build process. As the successors to NEAT BREEAM Healthcare 2008, and going forward with BREEAM New Construction (which incorporates Healthcare buildings), supports that process to ensure standards continue to improve. This is further reinforced through HTM 07-07 Sustainable health and social care buildings: Planning, design, construction and refurbishment. BREEAM is a Government requirement under:

  • Government Construction Clients- Achieving Sustainability in construction procurement- Sustainability Action Plan 2012-2015, November 2012
  • UK Government Sustainable Procurement Action Plan
  • BERRs (now BIS) Strategy for Sustainable Construction
  • Government Buying Standards
  • Common Minimum Standards for the procurement of built environments in the public sector
  • Sustainable Procurement in Government: guidance to the flexible framework
  • Scottish Capital Investment Manual
  • Planning Policy Wales