Time critical BREEAM requirements – reference to RIBA (or equivalent) work stages

Where BREEAM criteria require actions at or before specific project work stages, this is generally because these are the optimal stages to achieve the required sustainability outcome. When undertaken at a later stage, opportunities may be missed, options reduced or costs may become prohibitive.
The stipulated timeframes for such actions must generally be adhered to. If, however, due to specific circumstances or a non-standard procurement route, the assessor can demonstrate that the aim of the criteria can still be fully met, despite the project having moved into a subsequent work stage, this may be accepted by BREEAM. In such cases, the assessor must justify and demonstrate that the ability to fully meet the aim of the criterion has not been compromised.
The justification should demonstrate that the measures and outcomes required for the work stage indicated have not concluded and can still be achieved in line with the intent of the criteria.
For example, if the criteria require a third party design review of a particular building element to be done at Concept Design stage, but the assessor has determined that the project is generally at Technical Design stage, the credit can still be awarded if the assessor demonstrates, with reference to the Concept Design activities, that the status of that particular building element is still at Concept Design stage.