Unexploded ordnance

UnexplodedΒ ordnance can be defined as a contaminant as they are objects which can be classed as a hazard to health and/or the environment.Β  Therefore, if the contaminated land specialist confirms that leaving the ordinance on the site would lead to a serious risk to human health and the environment, the site can be defined as β€œcontaminated land” (please see the definition within the ‘additional information’ section of the manual).

However, the credit can only be awarded where all criteria have been met, and therefore the site investigation, risk assessment and appraisal must determine that the site is β€œsignificantly contaminated” i.e. without remediation, development of the site is not possible.

Also, it should be noted that decontamination needs to occur specifically for the purpose of re-development of the site, as detailed in the compliance notes β€œPrior Decontamination” and β€œHealth and Safety related decontamination.”