Validity and Expiry of an Assessment Registration

With the exception of the BREEAM In-Use and BREEAM Infrastructure schemes an assessment registration remains valid from the date of registration up until 5 years after the expiry date of the scheme version (or launch date of the updated scheme version or replacement scheme).

This does not mean that assessments cannot be submitted or that registrations lapse after the 5 Year deadline, however, the deadline will affect the Certificate Format and Certification Fee charged;

Registered (DS or PCA) Submitted (DS or PCA) Certification Format/ Output Certification fee
Before registration expiry Before registration expiry Certificate Fee structure at registration date
Before registration expiry After registration expiry Certificate with disclaimer Current fee structure on submission
After registration expiry After registration expiry Letter of compliance Current fee structure on submission

For design stage (DS) assessments that will be proceeding to post construction review (PCR) – in order to receive a certificate for both stages you will need to submit the Design Stage assessments by the deadline date as detailed above. The post construction review report can follow in due course and there is no deadline for submitting this, assuming that the Interim Design Stage report was submitted for QA and certification prior to the 5 year deadline for expiry date.

Assessments that are registered and assessed as a single post construction assessment (PCA) will need to be submitted by the deadline date as detailed above to receive a certificate.

Please be aware that the current fee structure means the current certification fees based on the revision of the fee sheet (FS036) valid on the date of submission.