Ventilation – distance between air intakes and exhausts

The minimum distance required between the building’s air intakes and exhausts is described by r.

  • Where the exhaust is below (A), or at the same level (B) as the intake, r is a horizontal distance.
  • Where the exhaust is above the intake (C), r is a 3-dimensional distance.
  • r ≥ 10m.

Where r < 10m the design team must either:

  • Design in accordance with the relevant standard listed in the manual, which allows distances of <10m in certain circumstances or,
  • Use modelling to demonstrate no intake of exhaust air.
18-Nov-2022 Requirements clarified. Title amended for clarity.
11-Oct-2022 Scheme applicability updated. Wording clarified. Reference to EN13779 removed for international assessments, see KBCN1054.