Conflict of Interest statements for BREEAM USA In-Use assessments

If the Assessor is a member of the company who are producing evidence to demonstrate compliance, there must be clear separation of the roles and the BREEAM Assessor must not be personally responsible for producing such evidence.  

If the Assessor believes there is or may be a potential for a conflict of interest, the Assessor should inform BRE America of any potential conflict as soon as the potential conflict becomes apparent. This should be considered before the assessment begins. The Assessor should send the statement to [email protected]. Assessors should confirm the roles undertaken by the Assessor/Assessor Organization and how any potential conflicts of interest have been managed.  A statement confirming that there was no conflict of interest is not sufficient. 

In such circumstances, the assessment and evidence submitted may be subject to closer scrutiny.  Where BRE Global has unresolved concerns relating to the potential conflicts of interest, the assessment will not be permitted to proceed. 

BREEAM is a third-party certification program. Therefore, it is important to avoid any conflicts of interest between those producing evidence and those awarding credits to ensure the robustness of the certification process. 

2021 01 05 Updates to title, links and text