Multi-tenanted assessments – Demonstrating compliance

The requirement to assess each tenanted space separately for each question and to determine the final score based on the tenanted space with the lowest score, only applies to what the guidance below refers to as ‘Question type 1’:

Question type 1: In such instances to award credits, each tenanted area must demonstrate full compliance. An example of this question type is HEA 06, for which, to select an answer option, the relevant requirement needs to be met by all tenanted areas. Eg, if there is an asset with five tenants where four tenants provide mains connected water provisions, but only one provides access to non-mains connected water provisions, only one credit can be awarded.

Question type 2: In such instances, the question rewards credits based on the percentage of compliance. An example of this question type is WAT 04, where the percentage of low-water use fittings, regardless of their location in the building, is assessed in one calculation.